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Monday Movement #33 - Bass-iLL

This man is iLL!! His weird, wonky, heavy bass blended with pop culture samples will take you up, down, backwards, forwards...and maybe even inside out....NOW THAT WOULD BE A TRIP!! Oh wait a second...that's what he does!! This man has performed at big name festivals like Spring Awakening and North Coast Music Festival, along with top tier venues around the city of Chicago. Bass-iLL is not playing any games!!! Ohh BTW................ It's too late. THE iLLNESS HAS ALREADY ARR

Monday Movement #32 - Matonic

It's not a surprise that after listening to this set, that his name closely resembles the word MANIAC. Because that's what he put together, for us here!!! 43 minutes and 26 seconds of straight RAGING!!! Lets put that mean mug of a face on, grab your desk, steering wheel, weights... what ever if may be AND LETS RAGEEEEEE!!!! SHARE THE LOVE AND CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!! Don't forget to check out our

Monday Movement #31 - Wicked Nik

His name says it ALL!! This man is Wicked and FULL of MADNESS!!! Blending some hybrid trap and dubstep sounds, Wicked Nik will give you the energy needed to fill up that tank. He's heavy and will throw DOWNNN!! Take this ticket and enjoy the ride. Now, LET ME GET A FUCK YEAH in the comments after you listen to this set!! You wont regret pressing on this link!!! Don't forget to check out our #ins

Monday Movement #30 - Sweet Spot

You might know Sweet Spot as the founder of an up-and-coming music collective @wearesweetsounds. But for this Monday Movement he's about take you on a trance journey, filled of funky music and Bass music that will give you the internal feels of butterflies landing on you. Talk about your feels and make some new family! Listen and share the love, for this amazing artist. Don't forget to check out

Monday Movement #29 - KRADO

We heard y'all wanted something HEAVY, full of DUBS and WUBS!!! Well.....BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!! *YOU WILL BE SMASHED INTO SMITHEREENS* Coming straight from our home base of New Orleans. This duo is on a MASSIVE come-up in the local bass community...MASSIVE!! Have your water and a stretcher ready because there is no such thing as a small vibe in this set!!! THEY GO BIG!! SHARE THE LOVE!!!! Don't for

Monday Movement #28 - KRAMEX

YO! YO! YO! This set was LIT!!! From the west coast, this high-energy producer / DJ is going to one- break your neck with riddim tracks and two- give you some nasty bass tracks, that will get you bouncing off EVERYTHING!!! Share your love for this OG!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts and #stories. Let's not forget about our #flowartists every Friday, showing off their u

Monday Movement #27 - YOKO

Lets get wonky and spiritual or like the great one said "Welcome to the Dojo". With this episode of Monday Movement we bring you YOKO. From Tacoma, WA; Yoko began her journey after moving to Colorado in 2016 and falling in love with the underground bass scene This set not only has original songs by her but also music from her homies such as Skinny Limbs, Solfire, Sk,,i, JABBS, MuteD DiagraM, and Backlef. This set will give you some nasty bass faces as you wub out to your FEEL

SEASON 2 Monday Movement #26 - Don Peyote

VIBE ALERT!! This is a VIBE of a FUCKING set!! WELCOME TO THE LAUNCH OF MONDAY MOVEMENT, SEASON 2!! We are honored to feature this amazing artist, Don Peyote. Formally known as ‘Debeaux’ aka Don Baudin, on this weeks episode of Monday Movement. His multi-genre ability to mix these sounds together, will leave you with an ear orgasm. Don't believe, take a listen ;) and don't forget to share the LOVE.

Monday Movement #25 - HEiZi

YOU wanted heavy, considerate packaged and sent!! This dynamic duo has been creating seismic waves in the local New Orleans bass scene. Full of FRESH MIXES and music from the homies...prepare your necks!! ITS A BANGER!! Share the love, get sweaty and vibe THE FUCK OUT!!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts and #stories. Let's not forget about our #flowartists every Friday,

Monday Movement #24 - DRAGOS

Dragos delivered a wake-up call with an extra saucy style blend of heavy, melodic, funky riddim for Monday's movement Ep. 24. This remedy that was mixed up, will leave you BREATHLESS!! Share the love, get some sweat rolling and vibe OUT!!!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts and #stories. Let's not forget about our #flowartists every Friday, showing off their unique talen

Monday Movement #23 - ROLLZ

This one comes straight from the Dalai Lama, El Capitan, the founder of The Electric Movement, the OG himself; ROLLZ!! His unique style of heavy, wonky, and weird bass will leave you wondering....what is reality!?!? "This mix is my self-expression of The Electric Movement's representation for the love, energy, and community of the bass scene. I created The Electric Movement out of the love for the music and the people, so this mix allowed me to paint these emotions on a music

Monday Movement #22 - LUCID BEATZ

Why what do we have here?? An all original mix!!! YES PLEASE!!! This man went in!! This NEW ORIGINAL MIX that he created just for us, includes a bunch of unreleased music and original sounds by the man himself LUCID BEATZ and other amazing artists. We have the breakdown for you, on our #soundcloud . Make sure to show some love to these amazing artists!! Oh don't worry we have not forgotten about you!! Take a listen to this masterpiece!!

Monday Movement #21 - DUBBA B

ALERT!! ALERT!! THIS WILL BRAKE YOU!!! Straight from Lafayette, Louisiana, this man will give you a reason to rage and find out how much your back and neck can take!! Dropping nothing but some #Nasty mixes, that will bring out the inner HULK out of you!! He'll get you benching 300 real cap!! Share some love and rage with this man!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestpo

Monday Movement #20 - Hysaze

Well isn't this a treat!! This man can get you jumping and craving that energy that makes you feel invincible!! As we all need that Bass House and Dubstep music in our lives, Hysaze brings his listeners exactly that. His style will have your body and neck wobbling, dancing and breaking in all directions!! Share your love for this amazing artist and lets get his rave family bigger!! Don't forget to ch

Monday Movement #19 - YODUH

This Monday was a little different...but in a great way!! We decided to bring ya someone from our neck of the swamp lands. He's known for his unique style of riddim, that is magically intertwined with your classic NOLA dubstep. In layman's terms....let's HEADBANG and get this PARTY FIREDDDD UPPPP!!! Don't miss out on this amazing set brought to you from NOLA!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram f

Monday Movement #18 - RVIN

For this Monday's Movement, we brought you some #nastyheat !! RVIN gave us a wild ride, for Lopa’s Community Callback. He threw down some nasty #dubstepvibes and we all know how fire of a vibe that is!! If you missed any of his sets, we have you covered!!! Tune into our #Soundcloud for his set and many, many more sets of these talented artist!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #

Monday Movement # 17 - AKIRA KHAN

Did you wake up this morning feeling some type of way? Whether you were closing doors too hard or just woke up and said "I need to listen to something heavy!!" #Ladies and #Gents , do we have a trip and a half for you today!! Kick back for the next hour and let Akira Khan take you on a ride, with this head smashing new mix on our #soundcloud . Bringing you a unique style of a #heavybass mix, with some #glitchy , #wonkiness that you will instantly be stuck to!! This Australian

Monday Movement #16 - W/\NDER

If you didn't know of her, well now you do!! W/\NDER went H/\RD, for this set. Throwing in that heavyness, breaking some necks and giving you that groove to keep it going!! Reigning from the New Orleans area, Wander is on a big come-up in the local bass community, turning heads and breaking necks with her high energy style of mixing. Enjoy the vibes, share your thoughts and enjoy the new friendships!!

Monday Movement # 15 - VLCN

So this is pretty CRAZY we're not going to lie!!! VLCN absolutely DESTROYED us during Electric Underground 2 and continues to shred the game. He keeps you #moving and on your toes with his transitions!! Dropping that heaviness back to #motherearth , after scrambling your face in orbit.....OH IT'S A CRAZY RIDE!! Take our word for it....YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS NEW UPLOAD ON SOUNDCLOUD!! Enjoy the vibes, share your thoughts and enjoy the new friendships!! https://soundcloud.

Monday Movement # 14 - QIAH BASS

When we said we were GLAD to be be back, OH WE MEANT IT!! What a better way to get your week started than with a HEAVY wubs and trap mix, by the man QIUH BASS. His set for The Electric Movement's: Electric Underground 2 was FILTHY. If you didn't catch that one, don't worry WE GOT YOU!!! Take a listen to this new masterpiece that he's made for us to share on #soundcloud . Enjoy the vibes, share your thoughts and enjoy the new friendships!!

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