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Monday Movement #87 - ADAME

A producer from Germany who goes by ADAME and now resides in Denver, Colorado is not one that you want to skip a beat on. Fabian Diaz Adame, is only 25 years old and has shown his journey in this industry, is going to be taken to the next level!! ADAME’s sounds set him apart from most modern-day bass music artists. At the same time, the vision for his brand is just as inclusive as it is innovative as his dedication to his community. Bringing out his true colors in what he pr

Monday Movement #86 - Ghost Lotus

When it comes to a holiday there's just something about Halloween that gets everyone back into their inner child by dressing up, setting up scary decorations, and just living it up for a night of frightfulness!! Ghost Lotus did just this with his set. He not only aimed to get you going but to get those hairs standing up all over your body!! You'll hear some iconic sounds that will make your bones shake!! BOO!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Monday Movement #85 - Komplvint

Ohhh this is some heavy shit, just for you headbangers!! Travis Melling, aka Komplvint, brought that hard, sexy trap for us this past week! He brings a unique and different side of production and lifestyle than you would get with any other artist. Prepare your neck brace and if you don't have one, I'd suggest you buy one! Tune in!!

Monday Movement #84 - Raaket

Banger, after banger, after banger!!! This man threw nothing but straight gas to this fire mix!! Do you like the old vibes? Do you like the new vibes?? Well, these vibes are all up for a checkmate!! That wobbly and wonkiness with a mixture of some of your top hits over the years are coming straight at you from Hunter Crowder; who is known as Raaket. If you see this name on a lineup be sure to not miss this vibe!! Checkmate!!

Monday Movement #83 - ANOXEX

When it comes to the EDM community there's nothing like it. Strangers from all sides of the world and coasts come together for the love that we have for this music!! Now, when we talk about this underground community that we are helping to uprise, the support and respect that they have for one another are UNMATCHED!! For this Monday Movement, we present you Perry Harkum, otherwise known as ANOXEX. This man has some heavy bass sounds that will leave you speechless. Throwing hi

Monday Movement #82 - Nikademis

With these cold temperatures coming in, we have something to get you nice and warm! Coming to you from Long Island and an artist that we've worked with before, through our twitch streams. We have the pleasure to introduce you to Nikademis. With his calm sense of style, Nikademis brings in all the right tunes but don't get the wrong idea. He'll still get you up and at it, with a slide of a channel. Tune in, get warm and let's fire up those bodies!!

Monday Movement # 81 - SAAS

Who likes that weird shit with tons of heavy bass, oh wait did I forget to mention that IT'S ANOTHER ALL ORIGINAL MIX!! This journey that these three are about to take you on is like no other! They will get you getting down and dirty with no expectations of you coming out clean. Griminess at its finest!! LET'S GET GRIMY AYE!!

Monday Movement #80 - MARZ

How about this AMAZING underground artist!! MARZ has played alongside artists such as Virtual Riot, Sullivan King, Kai Wachi, Tynan, Vampa, Hairitage, Eliderp, and many others. She's an up and coming artist that you DO NOT want to miss on a lineup! She is currently heavily influenced by Oddprophet, Virtual Riot and others so you know she'll be bringing that heat where ever she plays!! Let's get fired up!!!

Monday Movement #79 - VYYL

Believe it or not here's ANOTHER ALL ORIGINAL MIX!! This is VYYL!! You don't want to miss this bass duo from Canada who is making their way up from the underground and quickly making a lasting impression on the west coast. Let's get weird and enjoy these unique, masterful sounds that are put into play to create this intriguing journey! WELCOME!!!!

Monday Movement #78 - MADNOIZ

These boyz don't PLAYYY!!! Coming to you hot and ready from Dallas, Texas, they'll keep the juices flowing and the vibes immaculate, we give you MADNOIZ! This brotherhood of hip-hop artists have combined their roots in southern hip-hop, with the new generation of heavy experimental bass and a slap of trap! Sounds like a LIT TIME! Show these artists some love and let's get this ROLLIINNGGGG!!!

Monday Movement #77 - Y.G.F.G.

Grandma did you know your grandson was going to be a phenomenal DJ?? From Orlando, FL we give you Y.G.F.G., AKA Your Grandma's Favorite Grandson!! This man brings in some high energy, with some explicit heat, that we all know and love!! Giving us that heavy dubstep, with that trap mix to get us all hyped up!! Show this man some love!!!

Monday Movement #76 - WHZLY

What a start we have for you this week, for this Season 4 of Monday movement!! He is an LA-based music producer known as WHZLY, with one mission statement!! “Never let fear stand in the way of expressing who you are to the fullest, most honest, form”. Now, let's get wonky and move to our own vibration!

Monday Movement #75 - WeeWah

As we come to a close on our third season of Monday Movement, let's get a bit weird!! We bring to you from Indianapolis, Indiana, WeeWah. To close this amazing season he'll be bringing a sense of emotions, with his own sound and vibe! What journey you go on, will be up to your emotions and what you want to feel! Sit back, get your favorite snack out and vibe out!! Let's vibe and get ready for our new season, that's coming up next week!

Monday Movement #74 - MANADA

Do we have something interesting for y'all this week!! Coming to you from the west coast from Highland, CA we present MANADA! MANADA strives to take listeners on a journey with his music so prepare for an ambient bass adventure. He thrives to stimulate the body and mind with one purpose!! To give his listeners what the heart wants and not just what it needs!! Tune in, to the perfect ambience!!

Monday Movement #73 - 2Spade

We got some good music coming to ya from overseas!! Jiho Kim, known as 2Spade, is a bass/trap music producer based out of Seoul, South Korea. After a bold rebrand from being known as Deathrow, 2Spade is giving us a ton of IDs in here to tease you about his upcoming sounds and brand! Let's open those ears and hear this transition!! Don't

Monday Movement # 72 - Bassgazm

Where are our fucking bassheads at!?!? I hope your face, neck and back muscles have had a nice break because they will be needed for this set!! From Record Label releases on Subsidia Records, Recall Records, Rough Records and many more, we give you Bassgazm!! "DO YOU LIKE BASS, IN YOUR MOTHA FUCKING FACE" Don't forget to check out our

Monday Movement #71 - SubHunter

Are you ready for this!! We're giving you another ALL ORIGINAL MIX!! Nothing warms us up more than some weird noises and some deep wubs. Now, imagine all that, while relaxing on a beach and sipping on a mimosa. Coming to you you from Texas, SubHunter will not disappoint in this warm, euphoric journey. Let the journey begin... Don't f

Monday Movement #70 - Thred

Who is ready to get those mean mugging muscles to work!?!? Thred is coming in with some disgusting sounds that will disfigure your face...only temporarily though ;) Oh, wait did I forget to mention that IT'S AN ALL ORIGINAL MIX!!! LET'S GET WEIRD!!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts , #MondayMovement , #recaps

Monday Movement # 69 - KUHLOSUL

Who is ready for another set full of ID's?? From B.C. Canada we give you Kuhlosul!! Focusing on all things weird and wobbly, Kuhlosul will not disappoint!! His unique sound has put him where he's at now, so let's keep pushing this man's dream and get him where he needs to be. Tune in to the weirdnesssss!!! Don't forget to check out ou

Monday Movement #68 - Kimati

Do you want to be taken higher and higher today? These melodies along with the vocals will get you in the right state of mind! Coming from the underground scene of British Columbia, we give you Kimati. Let's get in tune and wub out a bit! That bass music just hits different!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts

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