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Monday Movement #22 - LUCID BEATZ

Why what do we have here?? An all original mix!!! YES PLEASE!!! This man went in!! This NEW ORIGINAL MIX that he created just for us, includes a bunch of unreleased music and original sounds by the man himself LUCID BEATZ and other amazing artists. We have the breakdown for you, on our #soundcloud . Make sure to show some love to these amazing artists!! Oh don't worry we have not forgotten about you!! Take a listen to this masterpiece!!

Monday Movement #18 - RVIN

For this Monday's Movement, we brought you some #nastyheat !! RVIN gave us a wild ride, for Lopa’s Community Callback. He threw down some nasty #dubstepvibes and we all know how fire of a vibe that is!! If you missed any of his sets, we have you covered!!! Tune into our #Soundcloud for his set and many, many more sets of these talented artist!! Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #

Monday Movement # 17 - AKIRA KHAN

Did you wake up this morning feeling some type of way? Whether you were closing doors too hard or just woke up and said "I need to listen to something heavy!!" #Ladies and #Gents , do we have a trip and a half for you today!! Kick back for the next hour and let Akira Khan take you on a ride, with this head smashing new mix on our #soundcloud . Bringing you a unique style of a #heavybass mix, with some #glitchy , #wonkiness that you will instantly be stuck to!! This Australian

Monday Movement # 14 - QIAH BASS

When we said we were GLAD to be be back, OH WE MEANT IT!! What a better way to get your week started than with a HEAVY wubs and trap mix, by the man QIUH BASS. His set for The Electric Movement's: Electric Underground 2 was FILTHY. If you didn't catch that one, don't worry WE GOT YOU!!! Take a listen to this new masterpiece that he's made for us to share on #soundcloud . Enjoy the vibes, share your thoughts and enjoy the new friendships!!

Monday Movement #13 - SYNTHE

I know EVERY single molecule in your brain was feeling GOOOOD, after this set!!!Enjoy the vibes, share your thoughts and enjoy the new friendships!! Remember a happy audience, is a happy family ;) You didn't get to hear it or just want to experience that feeling RUSH through your whole nervous system all over again?? NO WORRIES!! Listen to our #soundcloud for the latest drops!! Don't forget to check

Guest Mix Monday Movement #11 - MIKESHIFT

I don't think that I've wobbled and raved so hard in the same set, for as long as I did, in...I can't even tell you because I don't even know !!! He brought some straight wonkiness, with a side of WHOOO THE...and Riddim in this new release on #SoundCloud. Do yourself a favor listen to it, let loose a little. Not a lot but just the right amount. Share the love, one love.

Guest Mix Monday Movement #10 - Balan

Man those wonks were unreal...from the deep experimental wonks, to the ones that get you down to the grounddd and right back up!!! Ayeeee, share some love and just let this mix on our #SOUNDCLOUD find that inner wonk that's been wanting to come out and experiment>>

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