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AVILYS Guest Mix | MM#92

This week's feature is AVILYS (@avilys_musik)

Avilys is a Producer and DJ from Cleveland, Ohio specializing in experimental bass/freeform music. With only one year of performing under her belt, she has been one of the most outstanding creators to hit the scene running!

She has dropped over 10 original tracks along with a few collabs and hit the top 100 bass music charts. In that short time, Avilys has played for over 100 crowds at many events and festivals including; Wubduction, SpunFest, Thunderdome and Fall Daze.

She's always bringing the unique sound of trap-like spacey grime. Thanks to her fast, massive waves, her popular Spacemix Series includes tracks from other upcoming artists such as Ashez, Z Dougie, M8trx and Hexed. If you like to get bouncy, you'll for sure love her vibe!!


Be sure to show AVILYS some of that world-famous Electric Movement Fam love, stay in touch via her socials and follow this dope artist's journey!

Monday Movement is intended to be a weekly upload, so stick around for the hottest underground guest mixes in the game.

Make sure to follow us on socials (@officialtemco) and visit our website ( so you can stay up to date on all of our upcoming streams and events.


Track list:

Body Catcher - Avilys Radio Contact - Devious Squid Bass - Avilys Londee - WonkyWilla Cream - Star Monster Griztronics II(another level) - Griz & Subtronics Getcha Movin - Ravenscoon, Smith. I Do Wubz - Avilys Gassed Up - Zeds Dead, Subtronics Ft. Flowdan Asthma Attack - Pigeon Hole Louder - Dj Fresh Remix by Hexed Freaky - M8trx Game Over - Star Monster Diesel Not Petrol - Sukh Knight (Z Dougie Flip) Durins Tower - Of The Trees Hotbox -(Peekaboo Remix) Liquid Stranger ID - ID Sweet Dreams - Avilys Potions - Lsdream, Liquid Stranger

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