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FR3NCH Guest Mix | MM#

Welcome to the 119th episode of our series - Monday Movement!

This week's feature is FR3NCH (@fr3nchmusic)

Parlez-vous francais? FR3NCH is a bass producer and dj from Quebec, Canada and now living in las vegas. Before moving to Nevada, fr3nch was spearheading the bass scene in Atlanta, Georgia for the last 6+ years. playing at every major club and venue in the city, he has established himself as a fresh new sound in the bass community. while running several years of live shows, fr3nch has transitioned into a talented producer who is creating a unique sound with every new song release.

Be sure to show FR3NCH some of that world-famous Electric Movement Fam love, stay in touch via his socials and follow this dope artist's journey! Monday Movement is intended to be a weekly upload, so stick around for the hottest underground guest mixes in the game.

Make sure to follow us on socials (@officialtemco) and visit our website ( so you can stay up to date on all of our upcoming streams and events.

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