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Monday Movement # 17 - AKIRA KHAN

Did you wake up this morning feeling some type of way? Whether you were closing doors too hard or just woke up and said "I need to listen to something heavy!!"

#Ladies and #Gents , do we have a trip and a half for you today!! Kick back for the next hour and let Akira Khan take you on a ride, with this head smashing new mix on our #soundcloud . Bringing you a unique style of a #heavybass mix, with some #glitchy , #wonkiness that you will instantly be stuck to!!

This Australian prodigy is no joke. You don't want to miss this!! Enjoy the vibes, share your thoughts and enjoy the new friendships!!

Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts and #stories. Let's not forget about our #flowartists every Friday, showing off their unique talents and ways of expressing their inner happiness.

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