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Monday Movement #49 - VIAL

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Being an OG to TEM we would like to introduce you VIAL. He comes from Southern California and always delivers a MASSIVE and Energetic sound to his sets.

Here's a question for you...What is sound?

Is sound what we hear or what we want to hear? Is it referred to as racket noise or a set of rhythmic sounds put together to make what we call music!

It is what we like to express as, feeling the music from the ground up. Making your own storyline, instead of listening to someone else's and trying to live theirs. Open your avenue to different ideas and expressions to where you want to be in life. Take that and make yourself your own future!!

Sway, Swing, Swivel your way to a euphoric sense of freedom!

Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts , #MondayMovement , #recaps, and #stories. We'll be dropping the newest information on there for future events and live shows.

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