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Monday Movement #83 - ANOXEX

When it comes to the EDM community there's nothing like it. Strangers from all sides of the world and coasts come together for the love that we have for this music!! Now, when we talk about this underground community that we are helping to uprise, the support and respect that they have for one another are UNMATCHED!!

For this Monday Movement, we present you Perry Harkum, otherwise known as ANOXEX. This man has some heavy bass sounds that will leave you speechless. Throwing his unique twist and hip-hop influence in his sets, this track will keep you going, going, and going!!

This set is one that you will have on repeat for days!!

Don't forget to check out our #instagram for our #latestposts , #MondayMovement , #recaps, and #stories. We'll be dropping the newest information on there for future events and live shows.

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