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Shaman The Gemini Guest Mix | MM#116

Episode 116 - Shaman The Gemini

Welcome to the 116th episode of our series - Monday Movement!

This week's feature is Shaman The Gemini (@shamanthegemini)

Through distorting the presupposed “rulebooks” of subgenres and alleviating pain through the healing properties of subsonic frequencies, Michigan-based Dubstep producer Shaman The Gemini is making waves and altering consciousness with his uncompromisingly versatile strain of electronic music. Shaman The Gemini’s life took a turn after witnessing his first Dubstep show in 2017. His heart was captured by the subsonic weight and emotion, which quickly led to his venture into DJing and music production.

Although predominantly producing Dubstep, Shaman prides himself on bending the realms of musical possibilities by channelling a diverse array of sounds, influences, and genres into his bass-heavy composite of sound waves. His Ableton Live sets are sure to take you on a musical adventure. The Shaman project is only a few years old and has been constantly growing since. Some notable acts that he’s had the opportunity to support include Sullivan King, Rusko, PhaseOne, Leotrix, Hydraulix, G Space, Smith., Mystic Grizzly, Notixx, Bonnie x Clyde, iLL Gates, Ace Aura, and more.

Be sure to show Shaman The Gemini some of that world-famous Electric Movement Fam love, stay in touch via his socials and follow this dope artist's journey! Monday Movement is intended to be a weekly upload, so stick around for the hottest underground guest mixes in the game.

Make sure to follow us on socials (@officialtemco) and visit our website ( so you can stay up to date on all of our upcoming streams and events.

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