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Terrik Guest Mix | MM#101

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Welcome to the 101st episode of our series - Monday Movement! This week's feature is Terrik (@terrikofficial)

Welcome to a new season! We have our special guest known as Terrik, born and raised in New Jersey. He has been making music since playing guitar and keyboard as a child. Ever since graduating high school, Terrik got heavily involved into the EDM scene. A few years later while working dead end retail jobs, he started making music in his spare time in 2017. it wasn't long before he became obsessed with music production and the scene as a whole. Always feeling like an outcast as a child, the EDM scene was somewhere he truly felt at home.

Terrik aims to create a unique experience infusing elements of Dubstep, Trap, space bass , and Experimental Bass, cultivating a style of deep bass and energetic drops. Terrik has played over 20 shows since 2019 including festivals, opening sets, after parties, Renegade stages, and live streams.

Be sure to show Terrik some of that world-famous Electric Movement Fam love, stay in touch via his socials and follow this dope artist's journey! Monday Movement is intended to be a weekly upload, so stick around for the hottest underground guest mixes in the game.

Make sure to follow us on socials (@officialtemco) and visit our website ( so you can stay up to date on all of our upcoming streams and events.

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