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Tpiston Guest Mix | MM#95

Welcome to the 95th episode of our series - Monday Movement!

This week's feature is Tpiston (@tpiston77)

Tristan Hoffman, known as Tpiston, is a South Florida bass music producer who strives to bring a new style of sound to the bass scene. Tpiston has created a combination of reggae music and experiential bass with influences from his background of surfing, racing motocross, and extreme action sports. His style of sound incorporates vibrating melodies, high energy bass lines, and a vibrant stage performance like no other. Besides DJing and producing, Tristan also serves his local community and hometown as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Be sure to show Tpiston some of that world-famous Electric Movement Fam love, stay in touch via his socials and follow this dope artist's journey! Monday Movement is intended to be a weekly upload, so stick around for the hottest underground guest mixes in the game.

Make sure to follow us on socials (@officialtemco) and visit our website ( so you can stay up to date on all of our upcoming streams and events.

************************************************************** Track list:

1. Tpiston - ID 2. Jantsen & Dirt Monkey - Bam Bam 3. Hostage Situation - Lose Control 4. Dirt Monkey - High Grade 5. Tpiston - Ride Boy Bass 6. Phocust & Evalution - ID 7. Rusko - Squeeze 8. Raaket - Selecta 9. Subtronics (feat. Boogie T) - Gummy Worm (Dirt Monkey & Jantsen Remix) 10. Smoakland - You Don't know / Welcome to Jamrock (Tpiston Edit) 11. Jantsen & Dirt Monkey - To Darn Hot 12. Jantsen & Luzcid - Submarine 13. Almighty Beatfreakz - Resident Soundboyz (Jantsen Remix) 14. Tpiston - Irie Vibrations 15. Hear That (Trends & Boylan Remix) 16. Jantsen - GTID Tpiston Edit 17. Run DMT - Rhythm Runners (Feat. Dirt Monkey) 18. Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle 19. Eptic - Shadow People 20. Conrank - Sound Burial (feat. KJ Sawka) 21. Eptic - Stop Pretending 22. Subtronics & Griz - GRIZTRONICS ll (Another Level) VIP 23. Mport - Level 9 24. Optik Sound - Tremors 25. FiYah - Mercury 26. Dirt Monkey & Virus Syndicate - Let That Go 27. Plan B - Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix) 28. Dirt Monkey - Imperial March VIP 29. Steel Pulse & Alborosie - Steppin' Out 30. Eptic - Hold me Back 31. Father Funk & Defunk - Move Your Body 32. Chronixx - Capture Land / Wonky Willa - Smokin Drugs (Tpiston Edit)

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