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April 26, 2023

To cap off the middle month of Spring 2023, The Electric Movement is pleased to bring to you: "Awakening".

This EP has four artists with skills for miles laying down some fresh new tracks in the April dew. It's prime morel foraging season, perhaps you might dance your way through the woodland searching for those tasty treats among the tulip poplars and dying elms with these tunes, but I digress.

Noetika starts out the album with a dreamy wake-up call with LOST IN UR EYES. Hypnotic chimes and swung drum beats bob through into a velvety pulsing drop supported by flowing sections of dazzling stuttered vocals. Noetika does not miss, and this track is a direct hit.

Up next, Sleepyhead takes us home in FIND HOME, laying down a danceable indietronica synth beat that marches and breathes under an effortless lyrical introspection. One for the playlists for sure! (This writer has a spot for this track in a spring cleaning playlist right between Passion Pit and LCD Soundsystem~).

Raid Value brings us in calmly to some steel drum- no, hand pan? Before you can even finish reminiscing about wind chimes and other delicate resonances, the groove hits. Sub, fills, vocals and guitar make their appearance before the main hook brings us into a shimmering drop that feels as clean as it is produced. Chugging guitar under a handpan never hit so hard, and Raid Value cannot be stopped when it comes to pushing the boundaries of bangers.

Speaking of pushing the boundaries, last but never least we have Hysaze making some sounds I promise you'll have trouble tracking down anywhere else...layers of cinematic pads bound and tamed into swelling clouds under a vocal hook swaying across the deep reverb-space. Just...the pitch bends are divine, seriously. You gotta hear it.

We are so proud to work with such fantastically creative artists! Make sure to give them all your love on their socials, which can be found in the description for each track on SoundCloud. Stay hype, stay healthy, and stay tuned. Much love from the Electric Movement!

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